A powerful group with only custom monitors.

Our focus is on our customers' satisfaction. We work hard to provide blazing fast and unique monitors.

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Supported Websites

END Clothing

and many more..


We promise our members the best features.


We provide fully custom monitors for all the websites you need!

Our main focus is to deliver both fast and reliable monitors, the only way to achieve this is by creating and managing our own monitors. If you don’t believe us, just check our success!

We also try to increase the success of our members with automated sneaker software. Since this is usually limited by the provider we grant privileged access with the help of groupbuys.

To learn more about our partners and our recents or upcoming groupbuys you can check out Twitter.

Pursuing our goal to always help users acquire the most limited sneakers in the market, we provide unique custom tools and scripts in our Discord group.

Our discord has a whole range of useful tools. We offer tools which allow you to create discount codes, add to cart links and various other services.


The most asked questions are answered below.

Which sites does Notifysolutions monitor and in which region do you specialize?

We support a wide range of European stores. We monitor large European stores and small low-key stores. We are in constant contact with our members, which enables us to react quickly to requests and suggestions.

What does Notifysolutions cost and when do you usually restock?

We charge a monthly subscription of €35 + VAT. We only offer credit cards as payment method. Restocks are not on a fixed date. We keep our group limited to ensure our members' success. Follow us on Twitter to be notified in time.

Do you also offer release guides?

We have a professional team that creates guides for each release. You will be informed about every new raffle or first-come, first-served release. All information will help you to prepare your setup. We make every effort to increase your chances.

Something went wrong. How can I contact your support?

You can contact us on Twitter, Discord or via email to [email protected]. Our support team is always available. We will get back to you as soon as possible. In the order confirmation you will find a detailed instruction on how to join the Discord.